Request for Change (RFC) Submission


Steps to submit and resolve a Request for Change (RFC)


Flow diagram for Changes.

Submit RFC

1. Choose “Submit Change Request” from the services catalog, or
from the “OIT Change Advisory Board” desktop

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2. Choose a Change Type

  • Normal changes are non-emergency changes that do not have a defined, pre-approved process. They are moderate to high-risk changes that will or can have a significant impact to services and require review, communication, and coordination. These changes require CAB approval.
  • Minor - Lower risk changes that have no or low impact to services that are not critical and thus only need minimal governance. Require management approval.
  • Emergency changes are unexpected disruptions such as security breaches or application or server outages that need to be resolved immediately. Emergency changes sometimes handle the change request retrospectively, post-implementation, and require immediate approval to minimize the impact. It is crucial to review the implementation and document it to prepare for potential future risks. 

3. Set the "Change Title"

Use the following naming conventions for “Change Title” <Service Name> - <Department or Area> - <Short Description>

4. Complete all required fields

5. Submit RFC Form 
** Please note that a maintenance activity (task) will need to be created before this change request is submitted to the CAB for approval**

6. Create Maintenance Activity

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  • Use the following naming conventions for “Change Title” <Service Name> - <Short Description>
  • Set Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
  • Responsible (person who will be performing the change)
  • Short description (technical details of activity)

7. To Submit RFC for CAB Approval, mark the task “Create Maintenance Activity for the Change Request” complete


Implement and Resolve RFC

1. Complete Maintenance Activity

Implementer Completes Maintenance Activity as soon as deployed. This signifies the technical task is completed.

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2. Resolve RFC

RFC Requester Reviews Change and Verifies it is complete. This Resolves the Change Ticket.

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