How do I enroll a landline or desk phone in Duo?


Duo multifactor authentication is required for access to some university resources. This article will guide you through the process of enrolling a landline or desk phone number for your University of Idaho account.


Step 1:

You can enroll in Duo by visiting ( in any web browser. To begin the enrollment process, sign in with your university credentials.

Screenshot of UIdaho login page


Step 2:

Click "Enroll Phone" on the left hand column.

Screenshot of initial Duo enrollment screen


Step 3:

Click "Start setup" to launch the setup wizard.

Duo begin enrollment page


Step 4:

Follow the prompts to enroll your desired authentication method. To enroll a landline or desk phone number, select "Landline" then click "Continue".

Screenshot of selecting landline as the phone type


Step 5:

Enter your phone number and extension (if applicable), check the box to confirm, and click "Continue".

Screenshot of entering landline number


Step 6:

Click "Finish Enrollment" to complete enrollment.

Screenshot of completed landline phone enrollment


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