How do I connect my Windows System to the UI Domain?

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This article only applies to University-owned machines. Personal computers and other devices should not be connected to the University domain. A domain is a group of centrally managed computers, whose main benefit is centralized log in. Connecting a computer to the domain allows users to log into the machine with their University of Idaho log in credentials. The following items need to be completed before binding a computer to the University's domain:

  • Register the computer in the Network Management System (NMS). An automatic script will create a record in Active Directory for the computer. That record is what the computer will associate with when attempting to connect to the domain.
  • Obtain administrative rights on the computer.

U of I's domain uses Active Directory (AD) to manage its domain. If you're asked to join or bind your computer to Active Directory, this means it needs to be on our domain. 

If you are unable to complete the pre-requisites to run the Domain Joining Tool, reach out your TSP or Local Support for assistance using the link below:

Request connection assistance

This tutorial applies to the following operating system(s):


The Domain Joining Tool:

ITS offers a simple way to connect to the domain using the Domain Joining Tool. 

--> Download the domain joining tool. <--

The Domain Joining Tool does the following: 

  • Check to see if the machine is already bound to a domain. If yes, the script will exit.
  • Ensure the logged-in user has local administrative access.
  • Compare all enumerated client MAC addresses with all computer objects in Active Directory.
  • Rename the computer if they differ in AD and on the client computer.
  • Reboot if necessary (for proper naming).
  • Bind the computer to Active Directory.
  • Add <computername>-ws-users and <computername>-ws-administrators to local Users and Administrators groups respectively.
  • Delete AD Domain Admins from the local Users group.

Note: Make sure your computer record in NMS is named properly. If you are experiencing trouble or do not have access to NMS, please contact ITS.

Using the Domain Joining Tool:

Step 1:

Run the tool with administrator privileges.

Step 2:

Enter your credentials when asked, and click Log In

Enter your credentials when prompted.
NetID username and password request


Step 3:

That's it - the tool does the rest! 

After the computer reboots, log in with your NetID (e.g. joevandal), and password. Your machine is now on the domain. 

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