New Student Guide

ITS welcomes you to the University of Idaho!

 This guide is an overview of the services available from our department. Consult with other departments for assistance with other services.

1) Account Setup

Set up your account for the first time by following our tutorial. This account can be used to access university computer and electronic resources including: 

You will also want to set up a security profile with three questions and one personal contact (phone or email) to make resetting forgotten passwords easier down the road. Keeping the information of your security profile in a safe, memorable location can facilitate this process.


Student ID cards, or VandalCards, are issued in the VandalCard Office located in the SUB. Valid government issued picture identification is required. A passport is the only valid form of foreign government ID accepted. The list of valid identification is posted in the VandalCard Office. Students must be registered for a least 1 credit for the semester that a card is requested. Replacements can be issued if your card is lost, stolen or damaged. A new card will be issued if needed past the expiration date.

Access is updated electronically at the beginning of each semester. This is dependent on fees being paid. Resident hall access and meal plans are exempt from being dependent on fees being paid. Spring semester student’s cards will remain active during the summer.

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2) Internet Access


To access the wifi, please use your UI username (NetID) and password to connect your device to AirVandalGold. Students living on campus can also access the AirVandalHome by entering UI credentials.

We have tutorials on how to connect to Windows, OS X (Apple), iOS and Android devices.

 If your device is connected to AirVandalGuest, it might be impairing your ability to connect to the UI networks with your credentials. Disconnect / remove the connection from your network settings if you are experiencing problems.

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For those living on campus, wired connections can be set up by sending a request to ITS with the following information:

  • Your device's MAC Address
  • Wallplate ID / Number

We have tutorials on ethernet connection as well as how to find your MAC address on Windows, OS X (Apple), iOS and Android devices

Request ethernet assistance

3) VandalWeb

Vandalweb is a portal where students can register for classes, see their grades, update their information, and more. Log into with your UI username (NetID) and password to access vandalweb. HR provides information about how to register on their website.

4) Email

Email is offered to all UI affiliates through Microsoft 365 and can be accessed through a web browser, Outlook, other mail applications, and on mobile devices. Log into with your UI username (NetID) and password to access your student email.All email tutorials, including how to set up and access email, as well as use other features within the program, can be found on our email and messaging tutorial page.

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5) Software

Sophos Home Anti-Virus

To protect your computer, ITS Security highly recommends installing Anti-Virus Software. UI used to offer licenses of Sophos anti-virus software to students, but Sophos now offers a free version of their anti-virus for personal computers: Sophos Home, which can be installed on Windows and Apple computers.

Office 365 Suite

Download Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more through the Office 365 portal at no extra cost (it's already taken out of your student fees). Log in with your UI credentials and follow our tutorial for Apple or Windows. You can also use these applications online or on a mobile device. Your license will be valid for as long as you are enrolled in classes.


A variety of software, including ArcGIS, Matlab, MatLab, and RStudeio can be accessed through VLab. Learn how to use Vlab by following this tutorial.

Student Lab Software

Each student lab contains different equipment, including Macs, PCs, scanners, printers, and dual monitors. Lab stations each have a variety of software students can use as well. Student There are several labs across campus, the largest of which is in the library. Please see this article for a full list of hours and locations.See more tutorials on our Hardware and Software tutorials page.

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6) File Storage

The university provides each student with a 25GB quota of space on our User (U:/) Drive that can be accessed on campus as well as at home. If you find yourself needing more space, consider using your email's built in OneDrive, or requesting more space.

More information about file storage can be found in our tutorials.

Request file storage assistance

7) Printing

Most labs have printers, to which students can print using their allotted print quota, taken from student fees each semester. It might be a good idea to conserve pages if you print often, print in large quantities, or are looking to save up those pages and print a book. You can either print from the student lab computers, which should automatically be connected to nearby printers, or from your personal Windows or Apple computer. When in a lab or at a kiosk, you may experience trouble printing. The first step to take in this instance is to download the file you wish to print, and print it from it's respective program. For example, instead of opening a PDF in a web browser, download it and open it in Adobe Reader, then print it. It's also possible you're print quota is zero, so make sure to check your pages through account management.

Request lab printer assistance

8) Help

Students should contact the Student Technology Center (STC). Students can access technical support by the following methods:


 Walk-in service is available during business hours at:

  • TLC 128
  • Library (First Floor)
  • VandalCard Office (Bruce M. Pitman Center, room 124)


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