How do I use the document camera installed in the classroom?

Most technology classrooms have Wolfvision VZ8 Plus 3 document cameras installed. All buttons on the camera itself are disabled — control is via the touch panel only.

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Image showing the Wolfvision document camera equipped in UI classrooms.

You can lower or raise the document camera head by gently pulling or pushing the ring on the camera arm. There will be a slight 'click' when the camera head is in the proper position.

Sequential image of the folding capability of the document camera.

Guidelines for Use:

If you are preparing materials for document camera use and you want to display a whole sheet at once, make them in landscape instead of portrait aspect ratio.

Use the light control button on the touch panel to turn the light off and on. Selecting the document camera as a video source turns on the light.

Use the preview display (monitor or touch panel) to see exactly what your audience is seeing.