Purchasing Adobe Software

OIT Procurement maintains all Adobe licensing for the University of Idaho. The following list is the standard list of Adobe software that is available for purchase.

*Pricing below is subject to change. 

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 (Device)- $133.96 (ONE TIME PURCHASE)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Named User) - $120.36
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Device) - $195.90
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams (Named User) - $245.24
  • Adobe Illustrator (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe InDesign (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe Photoshop (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe XD for Teams (Named User) - $69.97

Adobe software is renewed annually in October. License pricing is prorated throughout the year to line up with our annual renewal. 

If you are interested in an Adobe license that is not on this list, please inquire with your TSP. 

To purchase an Adobe license: Software Procurement Request


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