How do I use Conference Now?


Every line has its own conferencing bridge. Each bridge allows 50+ attendees to call into your meeting without the need to pre-configure the meeting. You can use any phone (including cellphones) to connect to the Conference Now service and access or host your meeting.

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Using Conference Now:

Step 1:

Call the Conference Now service.

  • 5-1111 – For those on Ednetics service.
  • 208-885-1111 for attendees in the local area.
  • 844-861-4432 is a toll-free number for anyone outside the local calling area.

Step 2:

Enter the meeting number.

  • This will be your five-digit extension followed by the pound (#) key. Example: 54357#

Step 3:

The conference host will be prompted to enter their PIN. If you have not set a PIN for the conference system, please visit the Self Care Portal

  • Once logged into the Self Care portal you can change your Pin under the "General Settings" tab
  • Choose the "Phone Services PIN" drop down menu and change your PIN, the new pin must be between 1 and 128 numbers long.
Note: This does not affect your voicemail PIN.

Step 4:

Attendees should hit the pound key (#) to bypass the host prompt. They will then be asked to enter the "Attendee Access Code." This is the same as the meeting number by default. If you want to set a custom attendee access code, please visit the Self Care Portal

  • Once logged in use the "General Settings" tab and click the "Conference Now" drop down menu. 
  • Change the "Attendees Access Code" to ensure only people with this specific code can access your "Conference Now" session. 


  • When connecting as the host for Conference Now after you enter the PIN there is no voice prompt when creating the meeting. You will hear a tone when attendees join your meeting.
  • Until the meeting host starts the meeting, the attendees will be held outside the meeting area.
  • If a meeting host does not connect within 15 minutes, attendees will be dropped.

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