Adobe Software License Renewals

The University of Idaho provides centralized licensing for Adobe software.  Depending on the license type provided this software may require a yearly renewal.

Software that is renewed every October includes:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Named User) - $120.36
  • Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps (Device) - $195.90
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams (Named User) - $245.24
  • Adobe Illustrator (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe InDesign (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe Photoshop (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Named User) - $105.03
  • Adobe XD for Teams (Named User) - $69.97

On September 21 2022, each license owner will receive a ticket email from OIT asking them if they want to renew any license(s) which they are the designated owner. The owner must reply to the email or update their ticket (see My Tickets) indicating they want to renew plus provide an index and email of their fiscal contact for their department. Reply to the email ticket or update your ticket (see My Tickets) if there are questions or need guidance. Deadline to respond is October 14 2022.

Licenses expire on October 31st. Pay attention to deadlines communicated as OIT needs time to process the hundreds of requests, put in the order, and for it to be processed.


  • Do I need to renew my Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 license?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • No, this license is a one-time cost. 
  • When will my license expire if I don't renew?
    • All Adobe licenses that are not renewed during this process will expire on October 31st. 
  • Can I still renew my Adobe license after the renewal period has ended?
    • After the renewal period has closed, all license purchases will be treated as new licenses. To obtain a new license please submit Software Procurement Request.
  • What if I want to change the type of Adobe license I have?
  • What if I do not respond to the ticket or do nothing?
    • If you do not respond to the ticket by October 14 2022 your license will not be renewed and your Adobe product will not work after October 31st.
  • What does the term "named" or "device" license mean?
    • A "named" license is assigned to the user's U of I user name, and can be used on up to 2 devices.
    • A "device" license is assigned directly to a computer. This software can be used on 1 device by multiple user's, as long as they can sign in with their U of I user name.
  • Do I have to renew free software like Adobe Reader?
    • No, the renewal is only for paid Adobe products.



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Facutly and Staff use this service to purchase software or renew licensed software for their use on U of I owned computers, including new purchases of Adobe software products such as Creative Cloud or Acrobat Pro DC.