Zoom Cloud Recordings to OneDrive - Frequent Questions


The Zoom to OneDrive process runs behind the scenes to transfer Zoom cloud recordings to the OneDrive "ZoomRecordings" folder. Local recordings WILL NOT be moved to OneDrive. The process started on August 9, 2022. This is a list of common questions about the process.

Frequent Questions

Will meetings recorded before August 9, 2022 be transferred to OneDrive?

No, at this time only new cloud recordings will be moved to OneDrive. This will be re-evaluated as the process continues through the Fall term.

Can you move my existing records?

Not at this time. Additional information on how to transfer recordings manually is available in this article.

Will my recordings in OneDrive be automatically deleted like in Zoom?

Zoom recordings are set to automatically expire after 270 days. There is no automatic expiration currently set for recordings stored in OneDrive.

Will my recordings in Zoom be deleted after the transfer?

Yes, if all meeting files are transferred successfully the Zoom meeting files will be deleted.

How long does it take to transfer my recordings?

The cloud recording transfer process starts a few minutes after a Zoom meeting ends, not when the recording is stopped. In addition to the Zoom transcoding process there is an additional ~5 minute transfer time for each hour of recorded content. You will receive an email message when the Zoom transfer is complete.

What happens to a recording from a functional account?

When using a functional account, or account that serves a particular group/purpose such as vandals@uidaho.edu, the notification will go to that account’s email. Log in to OneDrive through that account to access the recording. 

Will anyone else receive a copy of my recording?

If you have an alternative host assigned to a meeting, that individual will get an email notification and permission to view the recording. If someone is assigned scheduling privileges to your account, and that person schedules a meeting for you, both of you will get an email notification and permission to view the recording.

How can I tell the difference between files in my ZoomRecordings folder?

The icon in front of the file name signifies the type of file:

  • MP4 (video file) 
  • M4A (audio file) 
  • TXT (chat transcript) 

Why do I have so many extra recording files in OneDrive?

You can control what Zoom records by visiting your recording settings. After logging into https://zoom.uidaho.edu/, click on the Settings tab on the left and select Recording at the top. Scroll down to Cloud recording to turn off the recordings you will not use. Only the recordings selected in Zoom will be transferred to OneDrive. For more information about the settings, see this article.

Why hasn't my recording appeared in OneDrive?

If an issue occurs when transferring your cloud recording, another attempt to transfer will be made automatically four hours after the first attempt. If you don't see your recording the next day, submit a ticket to http://support.uidaho.edu/.

Only Zoom cloud recordings will get moved to OneDrive. If you recorded locally, and you can't find the recording, log in to https://zoom.uidaho.edu/ and click on Recordings in the menu. Click the Local Recordings tab to see the file path for your Zoom recording.


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