Which TSP region am I in?

A PDF version of the map can be found under files next to this article.Map displaying each region and their buildings by color.

The Technology Solutions Partners are positioned across campus based on geographic regions rather than by unit due to the spread out nature of many campus units and departments at the U of I. Each TSP team will have a “home base” in its service region. This will allow both you and your TSP easier in-person access without the burden of crossing campus. TSPs are local technical support during standard university hours.

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Region 1

Office: Facilities 136
Phone: 208-885-1101
Email: its-region1@uidaho.edu

Map of which buildings fall under TSP region 1.

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
  • Facilities Services
  • Hartung Theatre
  • Public Safety & Security
  • Shoup Hall
  • South Campus Chiller Plant
  • Steam Plant

Region 2

Office: Education 412
Phone: 208-885-1102
Email: its-region2@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP region 2.

  • Education Building
  • Golf Course Clubhouse
  • Kibbie Dome
  • Memorial Gym
  • Physical Education Building
  • Swim Center

Region 3

Office: Admin 24
Phone: 208-885-1103
Email: its-region3@uidaho.edu

Map of buildings that fall under TSP region 3.

  • Administration Building
  • Albertson Building
  • Blake House
  • Forney Hall
  • Hayes Hall
  • Niccolls Building
  • Radio-TV Center (KUID)
  • Ridenbaugh Hall
  • University Advancement Annex

Region 4

Office: Pitman Center, Room 021 (at bottom of stairs found near Office of the Registrar)
Phone: 208-885-1104
Email: its-region4@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP Region 4.

  • CLASS Annex
  • Gritman Extension
  • Hampton Music Building
  • Human Resources
  • Pitman Center
  • WWAMI Medical Education Building

Region 5

Office: Art & Architecture Main, Room 109
Phone: 208-885-1105
Email: its-region5@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP region 5.

  • Art & Architecture East
  • Art & Architecture Interior Design
  • Art & Architecture North
  • Art & Architecture Main
  • Art & Architecture South
  • Pritchard Art Gallery
  • Student Health Center

Region 6

Office: Mines Building, Room 230
Phone: 208-885-1106
Email: its-region6@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP Region 6.

  • Food Research Center
  • Gibb Hall
  • Life Science South
  • McClure Hall
  • Mines Building
  • Morrill Hall

Region 7

Office: Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), Room 132
Phone: 208-885-1107
Email: its-region7@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP region 7.

  • Idaho Commons
  • Native American and Migrant Education Center
  • Teaching and Learning Center

Region 8

Office: Brink 126
Phone: 208-885-1108
Email: its-region8@uidaho.edu

Map of the buildings that fall under TSP region 8.

  • Archie Phinney Hall
  • Carol Ryrie Brink Hall
  • International Programs Office
  • Integrated Research and Innovation Center (IRIC)