VOIP Recovery Process

OIT is responsible for the stewardship of University VOIP resources. As employees leave the university, the following procedures ensure that no phone is sitting idle (and needlessly incurring a monthly maintenance charge). 


Steps for Recovering Phones:

1. View the HR report (this is fed into a TDX report). The top section of the report lists users leaving the University. You may ignore users transitioning to new job codes. 

2. Look up the user in CUCM. There will be a list of associated devices. If a device is listed, mark it down in the excel report from HR in a new column. 

3. Create the TDX ticket:

  • Template: Phone Termination
  • Requestor: Manager of the user terminated (This is available in CUCM)
  • Update description with device information
  • Set the ticket to notify the manager. 
  • Tag the ticket with "Phone Recovery" and "Termination"

4. Set the ticket to "Waiting for Customer Response", with an off-hold date one week from the ticket creation date. 

5. If the user replies with a request for extension change or mentions they are processing a change with a TSP, update the ticket and set it to close. If the manager requires continued use of the phone and it is physically used by someone filling that position, we allow the device to remain active. If only the extension is needed, it can be transferred to another device. Active searches are not a business case unless an offer has been made. 

6. If no reply is made or confirmation granted, request the phone be deprovisioned with the extension remaining in place for the following user. 


NOTE: Jabber licenses can only be used by single accounts, so they are automatically marked for shut-off. 


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