How do I sponsor an account for someone?

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Important: ITS has recently changed our policy on how sponsored accounts are handled. We are no longer creating sponsored accounts like we would have in the past. The policy now specifies that individuals not currently working for the University of Idaho should not have sponsored University of Idaho employee accounts. Exceptions may be approved by the proper authorities, but the end goal is to prevent non-university employees from having access to employee accounts for work purposes or collaboration on past work. Contact your regional TSP for more information on this policy.

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What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is the term used by ITS when a full-time, board-appointed employee manages an account for a University of Idaho affiliate. If the account is used for any purpose that violates university computer use policy, ITS will work with the sponsor to correct any issues concerning account usage. The sponsor is also responsible for updating the account's expiration.

A sponsored account is required when:

  • An affiliated university account is required for specific access to University of Idaho resources not available to an individual through file-sharing


  • A record of employment, or enrollment, is not available for said individual through either Human Resources or the Registrar

Please note: Sponsorship is automatically removed when an employment record is available with Human Resources. This ensures the HR position end dates are used for accurate account removal.

Information required by ITS:

The sponsor, who  must be a current board-appointed employee, will need to send an e-mail from their official University of Idaho e-mail account to the appropriate TSP or System Administrator with the following information:

  • Sponsor's Vandal ID Number
  • Sponsor's phone number
  • Vandal ID Number of the sponsoree -OR- the following information (to create a Vandal ID number):
    • Full Name (including middle name or initial if available)
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Alternate/Personal Email Address
  • Reason for sponsorship
  • Duration of sponsorship
    • Sponsored accounts for the University of Idaho can have any expiration date between one month to one year from the sponsorship start date. Sponsorship can be renewed by the sponsor as needed at anytime (including removing sponsorship or decreasing the sponsorship timeframe).
  • Preferred sponsee username

Renew Sponsorship:

A sponsor can renew or modify sponsorship for an account in two different ways:

  • By logging in to the Account Management site and clicking on the link titled Extend Account Expiration under the Account Utilities menu.
  • By contacting their appropriate TSP or System Administrator through e-mail from their official University of Idaho e-mail account stating that the account sponsorship needs to be extended and how long the extension is needed.

Setting the password: 

A sponsor cannot change the sponsee password. For first time account use, the sponsee will need to visit the account management page and select the password reset option. They will be prompted to verify their phone number or email address provided during the account creation process.

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