How do I set up my new student account?

What new students need to know about ITS

The Student Technology Center welcomes new students by providing best-effort assistance and convenient resources. 

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The NetID

Your NetID is a user name/password, typically the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your V-Number (example: vand1234).

This NetID user name and password (which you will set in the steps below) is your key to access university computer and electronic resources including: Student E-mailVandalWebWireless AccessBbLearn, student softwareCampus Computer Labs, kiosks, and many other resources. The instructions below explain how to set up a new student  account.

Request new account assistance

Account Setup

Step 1

ITS has created a step-by-step webpage to assist new students in setting up their University of Idaho NetID accounts for first-time use. To begin the process, please navigate to

Vandal Setup Page
Vandal Setup Page

As part of the account setup process, you will need to set up a password to protect your information. To begin the account setup process, you will need to have your Vandal Number or the email address that you provided on your application.

Your Vandal Number, which you can find on your official University of Idaho acceptance letter, is an eight-digit number beginning with a V of the form Vxxxxxxxx (e.g. V12345678).

If you have one of these two pieces of information, you can proceed to step 2. If you do not know your Vandal Number and have misplaced your acceptance letter, please contact the Registrars Office at 208-885-6731 to get this information. In order to protect your privacy we cannot give out your NetID, student email address, mailing address, phone numbers, etc over the phone.

Step 2

On the first page of the Vandal Setup process, click the link at the end of "Start the password reset process" to navigate to the This will take you to the password reset page.

Step 3: Re-Captcha

Enter the re-captcha information you see (or click the "I'm not a robot" check box), and then click the continue button to proceed.


Step 4: Find your Account

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your account name, ID number (this is your Vandal Number) or email address so the system can find your account. Enter your Vandal Number or the email address you used on our application and click the lookup button to find your account. If you receive an error message which says, "Account has not been setup for password reset," then please call the Student Technology Center at 208-885-4357 for assistance.

Lookup your account, even with a personal, non uidaho email address.

Step 5: Verify your Account

A list of verified contacts will come up, which are populated from your University of Idaho application. Select an email address or phone number and hit the send code button. This will send a temporary code to either your selected email or phone (via text or voice). Obtain this code through your personal email, in a different window, or from your phone and enter the six-digit code into the "Enter Verification Code" text box that has appeared. 

Enter the verification code sent to your email or phone.
Enter verification code

Step 6: Setup Your Security Profile

Once you enter the code, you will be taken to the account management page. Here you will be asked to set up your security profile (more information on your security profile). This will allow you to reset your password in the future.

Make sure you keep the answers to your security profile questions somewhere safe to remember later.
Security (Profile) Setup Required pop-up that appears upon login.

Step 7: Set a Password

After you choose to either set up your security profile or not, you can set a password on the account by clicking "Change Password" under "Account Utilities." Keep an eye on the red text below the password boxes: this text will let you know if your password meets the requirements.

Remember: this username/password combination is called your NetID and is your primary log-in to UI computing resources.

Set your password.

Step 8: Vandal Card (optional)

If you are planning to get a Vandal Card, you can do so now by following the instructions at

Step 9: Duo Multi-factor (optional)

This step is optional. You will, before you start classes, be required to setup Duo multi-factor. However, you have a 30 day grace period before you are required to set it up. When you do decide to set it up, follow the link below for the type of multi-factor configuration you would like to use:

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