How to copy UUID from machine to USB drive in Windows 10

  • Log in to Windows 10 machine
  • Enter a USB drive and note which drive letter is assigned to it (e.g. D)
  • Within the USB drive create a new folder titled "UUID"
  • Launch Notepad and create new note
  • Save the new note into the new UUID folder you just created on the USB drive
  • Restart the machine
  • Once you see the Windows 10 logo, press Shift+f10 to get to the Recovery screen and select See advanced repair options
  • Navigate to Command Prompt under Troubleshoot > Advanced Options
  • Enter appropriate administrator password
  • In Command Prompt, type "wmic csproduct get uuid > D:\UUID\UUID.txt " (replace D with whatever drive letter your USB drive is assigned)
  • The machine's UUID will appear as a text entry in the note


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