How to submit a ticket to the Enterprise Development Team

Quick Link to Submit a Ticket to the Enterprise Development Team: Service - Integration and Development (

Step 1:

Navigate to Enterprise Application TDX services at


Step 2:

Browse Available Services: Used to send a ticket to a particular team’s queue, this allows for more detailed ticket input forms capturing information generally expected to be necessary to start working on the ticket. The image below details this option.


Step 3:

Administrative Applications: Leads to the list of services offered by the Enterprise Application (Application Administration, Database Administration, and Development) teams, with naming intended to allow customers to find the relevant service without fully understanding the division of ITS teams. The next image below details sub contents

Step 4:

Most items here lead to either Knowledge Base Articles or service forms that result in the Application Administration ticket queue except for the two denoted in red above. Integration and Development comes directly to the EA development team and Supplemental Banner Forms leads to a service that acts as a directory for Banner 9 Self Services pages that the development team has created for various groups across campus.



Step 5:

In order to submit a ticket to a team given the correct service, you click on the Request Service button and then fill out the ensuing form with as much information as possible.



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