Information for SharePoint Migration

Beginning 6/19/2020, ITS will initiate the migration from the S: drive to SharePoint, a UI-approved and ITS-managed cloud storage solution. This migration will be phased by by S: drive top-level folders over the following 6-7 weeks.  

ACTION ITEM: Files such as databases or those containing high risk data should not be moved at this time. Prior to 6/19/2020, each Shared Space Owner should work with their Local Support/TSPs to determine if there are any files not compatible to migrate. 

During the migration, you will not have access to your files. Users will receive three email notifications as part of the migration: an intent to start email before your migration begins; an email when your unit’s data migration starts; and an email when the migration is completed, at which time you will be provided access and privileges to the new SharePoint site as you had on the S: drive.

UI-approved cloud storage aligns with the University's goals of improving collaboration and innovation and allows any user to create and share documents almost anywhere on any internet connected device. It takes advantage of services already subscribed to, currently providing 25TB of storage per SharePoint site (a SharePoint Site is equivalent to an S: drive top-level folder) for the University community.   

SharePoint is a solution with features that can enhance collaboration. The SharePoint site is setup with access and rights for a group of users (a department, for example) to share files. Similar to OneDrive, users can access files virtually anywhere and many people can work on the file at the same time- no more waiting for someone to close the file (or forgetting to close it) or emailing it around and having to track all the various versions of it. SharePoint has many more features but for now think of SharePoint as departmental or group storage. When your group’s data migration is completed you will be notified and receive access and rights to the new SharePoint site as you had on the S: drive. 

Training opportunities 

Introductory and Intermediate live online training courses schedule is being developed. These courses are intended to give an overall understanding of Microsoft 365 experience, putting together the usage of OneDrive, SharePoint, Office Online and Teams.  Tenatively, these trainings are being targeted to occur the week of July 6th and the week of September 14th in 2020.

This work is a continuation of the following efforts: 

Major Milestones 

  • Microsoft Office Upgrade to Office 365 for faculty and staff Completed February 2020 
  • U: drive migration for faculty, staff and students completed March 2020 
  • Web App authentication changing to the cloud completed March 2020 
  • Microsoft Office Upgrade to Office 365 for computer labs and classroom completed March 2020 
  • Creation and introduction of College/departmental Microsoft Teams to the University completed April 2020 
  • S: drive migration to SharePoint to begin June 2020 


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