How do I send text messages from Outlook?


Warning: this functionality is experimental and may be changed or blocked at any time.

Summary: To start a text message conversation send email from your account to the address Put the phone number of the recipient in the subject of the message and the message you would like to send in the body. The message will be converted to text and forwarded on to the recipient from a unique phone number automatically assigned to your account.

Note: For best results, do not include your signature in the message OR modify your signature to include two dashes before the content. This is known as a "signature delimiter" and content below the delimiter will be automatically removed.

For more assistance, please contact your regional TSP or submit a ticket.


Send an Email as a Text Message

Step 1: Compose message

Compose a message to and put the phone number in the subject. Include any additional information about the recipient to track the conversation. For example, include their name for quick reference. The subject line is NOT shared with the recipient. Universal emoji is supported.


Step 2: Message sent from generated (208) number

The first time you send a message a unique phone number in the 208 area code will be automatically assigned to your account.


Step 3: Recipient recieves message

The first time you contact a recipient they will receive an introduction text with your name and email address. Any followup messages will only include the text in the body of your message.


Step 4: View replies

Text replies will be automatically added to the message thread in your inbox.




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