Sli.Do Subscription Not Renewed for FY21

The Provost’s Office decided the University’s Sli.Do subscription will not be renewed for fiscal year 2021 due to budget reductions. Users have until June 15, 2020 to export your data from Sli.Do. Follow this link for instructions on how to export your data.

Other Polling Options

Zoom: Polling for Meetings;Go Down to Creating a Poll section for instructions

MS Teams:Create a poll in Microsoft Teams

MS Forms: Create a form with Microsoft Forms

Qualtrics (University Licensed):

There is other free options out there as well. Be sure they are secure and truly free. This KB article will be updated as more options are suggested. These options are not fully supported by ITS- you will need to explore how to use and set them up.


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Wed 4/29/20 11:49 AM
Tue 5/5/20 8:12 AM

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