How do I create a new Microsoft Team?

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Note: The ability to create Microsoft Teams has been delegated to any member of the "UI-LocalSupport" Microsoft Team. If you have access to the "General" channel in "UI-LocalSupport" you will see the option to create a Microsoft Team.

Team Naming Conventions

  • Team names require a prefix to avoid naming conflicts.
  • Spaces and special characters should be avoided on creation. The display name can be changed later.
  • Microsoft Teams include an underlying Office 365 Group with a shared mailbox and SharePoint site that cannot be easily renamed.
  • A limited number of high level Teams are recommended with Private Channels for restricting access.
    • Example Layout
      • Team: ENGR
        • Channel: General
        • Channel: Announcements
        • Private Channel: Mechanical Engineering
        • Private Channel: Computer Science
    • Private Channels are limited to 30 per Team

Team Settings

  • Allow members to create and update channels = Disabled
  • Allow members to create private channels = Disabled
  • Allow members to delete and restore channels = Disabled
  • Allow members to add and remove apps = Disabled
  • Allow members to upload custom apps = Enabled
  • Allow members to create, update, and remove tabs = Disabled
  • Allow members to create, update, and remove connectors = Disabled
  • Owners can delete all messages = Enabled
  • Give members the option to delete their messages = Enabled
  • Give members the option to edit their messages = Enabled

Team Creation

These steps are available for UI-LocalSupport Team Members:

  1. In the UI-LocalSupport Team select the "General" channel.
  2. Select the "Flow" tab.
  3. Mouse over the "Teams - Create new Team" flow and press the Run button.

  1. Enter a Team Name *including* a prefix.
  2. Enter a Team Owner. You can initially add yourself as a Team Owner and modify the membership later.
  3. Select "Run flow" to start the creation process.

  1. Select "Done"

An Office 365 Group will immediately be created and you will receive a Teams Chat message saying the creation has been queued. In 15-30 minutes you will receive a followup Teams Chat saying the Team has been successfully created. The "Team Owner" will also receive a Teams message saying they have been added to the new Team.

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