VandalStar FAQ


How do I login to VandalStar?

Go to

Single Sign-On and two-step verification (DUO) is required. You will use your U of I network credentials like yo do for VandalWeb, VandalMail and Canvas.


Do all students, faculty and staff have VandalStar accounts automatically?

U of I faculty and newly admitted and current students do have accounts and access. However, not all student-service staff do. Staff need to have an assigned VandalStar “role” in order to have access and an active account. If you receive a login error but believe you should have access, please contact for assistance and next steps.

Note: Faculty and Staff have to passed FERPA training via VandalWeb before they can access VandalStar (see below for more information).


I’m a student. How do I access the Student User Guide and FAQ?


Where do faculty and staff find VandalStar online resources?

A User Guide, Quick Links, FAQs and videos can be found at


Who do I contact for VandalStar help and training?

Please contact the VandalStar Team at or 208-885-8787, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m-5pm. Information Technology Services (ITS) does not support and service VandalStar. University Advising Services is the department that oversees VandalStar.


Do you need to be FERPA compliant to access VandalStar?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) Act of 1974, as amended, also known as the Buckley Amendment, is a federal law that governs the confidentiality of student records. Because VandalStar involves access to student records, faculty and staff must be up-to-date on their university FERPA required training in order to login and use this system.


I want to sync my VandalStar and Outlook appointment calendars. How do I do that?

Syncing these calendars is only an option for U of I faculty and staff. To request this be done, send an email to vandalstar@uidaho with your request. You will then receive an email confirmation when it has been done and next steps to follow. Please do NOT follow the instructions given on the VandalStar system under “Email Notifications.” This information is wrong and does not apply to U of I employees. Sorry for any confusion.


If I have a program and/or service I would like added to the VandalStar Services Directory, who do I contact?

Please email the VandalStar Technical Team at or call 208-885-8787. We’ll be happy to provide further guidance.


Who is the governance body responsible for the oversight of VandalStar?

The VandalStar Implementation Committee recommends and guides senior leadership in evaluating and making VandalStar-related decisions at U of I. The committee meets twice a month during the academic year. It is made up of representatives from faculty, academic college leadership, ASUI, Registrar’s Office, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, advisers and counselors, and university administrators. Day-to-day operational coordination, support, and service is handled by the VandalStar Technical Team at or 208-885-8787.


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