Student Print Troubleshooting Guide

1. Check your Print Quota:

If you are unable to print a document, you should begin by checking your print quota to ensure that you have an adequate number of pages to print the desired job. Print quota information and a tutorial for checking your quota can be found here.


2. Printing from the Web

If you are having trouble printing a file directly from the web, an email, or BBLearn, please do the following:

1. Download and save the file directly to the computer. 

2. Open the file using a local software such as Microsoft Word for .docx files or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for PDF files.

3. Print the document directly from the application.


3. Wireless Printing from a Laptop

If you are having trouble printing from your personal laptop computer, please see wireless printing tutorial here


If you are still unable to print, you can use try using alternate computer or printer, or contact the Student Technology Center by emailing, calling (208) 885-4357, or by visiting our office in TLC 128.



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