KUOI Digitization Project: MP3 Metadata Fixes

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This article will go over the MP3 metadata updates for KUOI's existing digital music library. Audio metadata is important for automation and tracking tools. If you want to learn more about metadata itself see the ID3 article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

  1. Using Mp3tag to tag metadata

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Using Mp3tag to tag metadata

Mp3tag is a free piece of software for Windows, though it can be run in Wine on macOS. It is important that following MP3 metadata tags are set for all audio files in the KUOI Digital Library:

Step 1:

On your Windows device, install Mp3tag. It can be downloaded from: https://www.mp3tag.de/en/dodownload.html

Step 2:

Open Mp3tag after it completes installation. It should look like this:

Mp3tag on Windows 10
Mp3taf on Windows 10

Step 3:

If you are off of the UI network, connect to the VPN by following the KB article here: https://support.uidaho.edu/TDClient/40/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=40. Don't forget to disconnect from this when you're done!

Step 4:

Mount the KUOI NAS by following the steps at https://support.uidaho.edu/TDClient/40/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=23 under the Manual section. The address is \\sm-kuoi-nas-e6.argonaut.uidaho.edu\KUOI Processing Library, drive letter choice does not matter, pick what you want.

Step 5:

Once you have the NAS mounted go back to Mp3tag. Under File choose Change Directory, navigate to K:\Music, and click Select Folder. Mp3tag will scan the directory you point it and all directories under that directory at for MP3 files. This can take some time depending on your connection, hardware, and size of directory you point it at. If it is running slow, try pointing it at a smaller set of directories. For example: K:\Music\16 Horsepower

Step 6:

Once the directory scan completes you should see something like this:

Mp3tag after directory scan
Mp3tag after directory scan

Go through each file listed and confirm that Title, Artist, Album, Year, and Genre are all set to the correct values. Last.fm or other similar services can be helpful in confirming information. You can double click on a field to update it or click on the whole row to update it on the left side details menu. If you run into files that are not MP3s in the KUOI library, notify Tara and the SA Technician will convert them to MP3. You may see weird dots in file or folders names in some cases like below. If you see any of these add them to a list and send them to Tara.

Weird characters in file names
Weird characters in folder names



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