How to Save and Open Files in VLab

This Tutorial Applies to the Following Operating Systems


NOTE: Files located in OneDrive will need to be accessed using the OneDrive Sync Client or downloaded to the local drive on the computer you are using.

Click the below links for instructions on setting up the OneDrive Sync Client.



Steps to Access Files

Using Screenshots from NetLogo, but steps should apply to all applications in VLab

1. Select File Open or Save (Whichever you need). When the File Dialog Box is open, select "This PC" on the left

2. Scroll down to "Devices and Drives" and you should see your local disk


3. Click Save or Open


*Files located in OneDrive will need to be accesses through the OneDrive Sync Client on Windows or MacOS or downloaded to the computer.


Do Not See Your Local Disk?

* Does not apply to ChromeOS


1. Go to the top right where it says your name and click to to show the drop-down menu and select "Change Citrix Receiver"

2. On This Screen Select "Detect Receiver"

3. Select Download

4. Open up the file that downloaded and follow the on screen instructions

5. Accept the terms

6. Installation Successful Screen

7. After this VLab will launch and select the Application you wish to access your files in. This will prompt this message, Select "Open Citrix Receiver Launcher

Saving Locally in ArcGIS

For ArcGIS, you may not be able to see your computer available to save to. In that case, the steps below should allow you to save and load from your local drives.

  1. In the main menu, select "Open Another Project"
  2. In the Open Project window, select the text in the location bar
  3. Type in "\\Client\C$" into the location bar
  4. Your local files on your Mac should appear in the Open Project window
  5. Select the Project that you want to open


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