How to setup the Blue Mic in KUOI Production Room B

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This article will show how to setup the Blue YETI Microphone on the iMac in KUOI ProdB for recording in Logic Pro X.

  1. Logic Pro X Setup

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Logic Pro X Setup

Step 1:

Open Logic Pro X from the taskbar or Applications folder and create an audio track.

Step 2:

Select Logic Pro X, Preferences, and then Audio.

Select Logic X Pro, Preferences, and then Audio

Step 3:

Select "BLUE USB Audio 2.0" for both the Output and Input Device.

Select Blue USB Audio 2.0 for both Output and Input device

Step 4:

Click Apply Changes. The system will give a message about initializing core audio, this is a good thing.

Click Apply Changes

Step 5:

Now you are all set! Your microphone will be set for the YETI and the headphone output will run through the YETI headphone amp. You are all set to record, playback, and edit!


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