FAQ: Upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

The University of Idaho is upgrading faculty and staff to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on computer desktops in January 2020. O365 ProPlus is part of a suite of applications including online and mobile versions of traditional Office applications. The FAQ will be updated frequently as new questions are asked.


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Difference Between Office 365 Online, Office 2019, and Office 365 ProPlus

There are now three different Microsoft tool suites - Office Online, Office 2019, and Office 365 ProPlus.

  • Office Online, sometimes previously called Office 365, is a suite of applications that can be used only in a browser .
  • Office 365 ProPlus is a suite of Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and OneDrive that are installed locally on a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Office 365 ProPlus receives semi-annual feature updates and can be used on up to five devices by each user.
  • Office 2019 is also locally installed but is only able to be used on one device and gets security patches on a frequent basis but not feature updates.


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Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and Other Information

  • Features that make your experience of saving and using files more convenient as we move toward OneDrive and SharePoint and will simplify having it updated for you twice per year.
  • This is the version of Office U of I students are already using.
  • No additional costs for the U of I.
  • Most Office plug-ins are compatible with Office 365 ProPlus.  If you are concerned about an Office plug-in, check with the vendor to see if they support Office 365 ProPlus or contact your Local Support team.
  • Most macros are compatible across versions without modification.


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What do I need to do?

  1. If you want to get Office 365 ProPlus right away, you can see "Upgrade my Office" section below.
  2. If you wait, IT will be pushing Office 365 ProPlus to all University-owned and managed machines starting on 1/27/2020. This will be automated and not require you to take any action.
  3. If you have a need to request an exception to have the installation delayed for yourself or a lab you use, see "How to request an exception" section below. Older versions of Microsoft Office are supported through Microsoft until October 13, 2020. A permanent solution needs to be found for any exception before support expires.

Questions or concerns about Microsoft Office, please contact your Local Support team.


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How to request an exception

We understand some computers my need to keep older versions of Office longer for either business or academic reasons. IT is providing an exception process to ensure approved exceptions can continue with the older version of Office until October, 2020. As part of the business case for the exception, provide details on why Office 365 ProPlus cannot be installed on a device (see list below). Submit exception requests at Temporary Exception from Standard Configuration.

Here are some exceptions that will be considered are:  

  • An older version of Office is required to run a lab instrument or other hardware.
  • You need to run software or plug-ins which are not yet Office 365 ProPlus compatible. 
  • An academic course is using a specific version of Office for instruction.   
  • There is a business process which relies on a specific version of office.

Exceptions are temporary. Microsoft support for the prior versions will end on October 13, 2020. A  permanent solution needs to be found for any exception before support expires.


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Upgrade my Office now, using Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (macOS)

For managed Windows computers review the knowledge base article on using Software Center then select “Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (x64)” and follow the prompts. Note, if you do not see "Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (x64)" it has already been installed and you're already using it.

If your Apple computer is enrolled in Jamf you can upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus by going into Self Service. Review knowledge base article, "Installing Applications on Mac Computers via Self Service".


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Microsoft Office 365 Training Center

Microsoft provides training videos, quick starts and tips on getting started and using O65 at Office 365 Training Center.


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OneNote and Office 365 ProPlus Upgrade

When Office 365 Pro Plus is installed it will remove previous versions of Office including OneNote. If users currently use desktop versions of OneNote (2016, 2013, etc) and had the notebooks saved locally on the computer they will need to migrate those notebooks using the OneNote app available in Software Center to continue accessing them.


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Links to University of Idaho Microsoft Online Applications

Office: office.uidaho.edu

OneDrive: onedrive.uidaho.edu


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