What is a Technology Solutions Partner?

Our Technology Solutions Partners (TSPs) are skilled, highly trained members of the Information Technology Services (ITS) staff, both full-time and temporary help. Each TSP receives over 200 hours of specialized training in order to offer support to University of Idaho employees. It is their goal to provide exceptional service and support at the local level and deliver consistent, reliable and friendly assistance daily to the departments and units serving U of I students.

If you have additional questions not explained in this article, please submit a TSP Service Ticket for assistance.

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All TSPs will offer a standard set of technical services, including account creation and management; email and printer support; computer security and software; Office 365 support; software installation; file management and recovery; networking connectivity and patching; video conferencing and Zoom training and scheduling assistance; classroom response and access; device installation and troubleshooting; and more! View the list of TSP standard services.

What happened to the ITS Help Desk and Technology Support Services?

The Help Desk is now the Student Technology Center (STC) as of fall semester 2017 and will offer technical solutions for our students. If an employee contacts the STC, ITS staff will direct the employee to their Technology Solutions Partner (TSP) for assistance.

ITS Technology Support Services employees are still working for the university but many are now Technology Solutions Partners. No ITS staff person lost their job due to the service model change.

Will the TSPs charge the department for work?

Information Technology Services will not charge individual departments and units for TSP services involving labor. The area will be charged the costs of hardware and software purchases. 


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