What will Cloud Authentication look like?

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University of Idaho is working to reduce the possibility of authentication service failures for accessing applications. Today, being able to authenticate is limited by a highly available server cluster located on the Moscow campus. The new method utilizes cloud-based authentication that will allow users to authenticate even when connectivity to the Moscow campus is unavailable.

On March 9, 2020, University of Idaho authentication services will complete the migration to "Cloud Authentication." The Single Sign-On (SSO) process will change slightly and there will also be a slight change in how Duo MFA is displayed. See steps below for how these changes will look after the migration.

Security Reminder: Only enter your password on the following URLs: login.microsoftonline.com OR sts.uidaho.edu

Authentication Steps:

Step 1: Account Discovery

Enter your full email address. This screen will only be displayed once per browser session.

You may also be prompted to select an account remembered by the browser.


Step 2: Password

Enter your NetID password and click Sign in.

The password entry page may look different than you may expect. It should look like the picture below.


Step 3: Duo MFA

Authenticate using Duo MFA to be granted access to your account.

The new Duo MFA page will display as a full page but the options have not changed.