What are the initial changes for Cloud Authentication?


Note: The Daily Register Article on 3/6 incorrectly linked to this article. The correct Knowbase article is What will Cloud Authentication look like?


Starting January 2020, University of Idaho authentication services will begin migration to "Cloud Authentication". As part of the initial stage of the migration you may see some additional screens when you are using Single Sign-On (SSO).

Security Reminder: You will only be asked to enter your password on the login.microsoftonline.com or sts.uidaho.edu server addresses.

Authentication Steps

Step 1 - Discovery (New)

Enter your full email address. This screen will only be displayed once per browser session.

You may also be prompted to select an account remembered by the browser.

Step 2 - Password

The password screen will remain the same as before.

Step 3 - Duo MFA

The Duo MFA screen will remain the same as before.

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