Tracking Your U of I Tech Store (UITS) Order

When OETC confirms shipping for an order they will provide an email to the customer indicating the order has shipped, along with the Order Number. If the Customer clicks on the order number or logs into the Store and selects “Account Activity” from the upper right of the screen:

They will see a list of their orders.

Clicking on the desired order number under the “Doc” column will open up the Sales Order as shown below:

Clicking on the “Show Serial/Shipping” button (red circle above) will display:

Clicking on the Delivery Truck icon (blue arrow above) will launch the FedEx Tracking page that will display current shipping status:

If the order is still processing, you will see either no shipping info when you select the “Show Serial/Shipping” button, or possibly partial info minus the tracking number as below:

Note: All orders shipped to the Moscow campus arrive at Campus Mail and are incorporated into the regular mail delivery schedule. Only managed items that require configuration will be delivered to ITS-Procurement for processing. All others will be delivered to the Mail Stop indicated in the shipping address.


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