Using the U of I Tech Store (TSPs and Local Support Reference)

This article contains information for TSPs and Local Support (LS) to refer to while using the U of I Tech Store (UITS) and consulting with customers.


Known Issues at Pilot

None at this time.



  1. When an order is placed a ticket is automatically generated in It will be routed according to the auto-routing rules.
  2. If the order is > $5,000, the ticket will have a workflow automatically attached. This is an awareness step for the TSP/LS so you can review the order and perhaps consult with your customer if necessary to ensure they're ordering the appropriate technology for their requirement. Once the TSP/LS completes the first step of the workflow, ITS-Procurement office will receive the next step. They will then log into the UITS at and complete the level 1 approval. Once that is completed, ITS-Procurement will complete their workflow step. At this point, the TSP/LS can close this ticket. 
  3. Once the Level 1 approval is completed, U of I Purchasing Office will receive a notification email to complete final approval on the site. NOTE: U of I Purchasing Office is not performing any review of the order, they are only facilitating the purchase using the appropriate financial vehicle. They may contact the customer or the TSP/LS for additional information such as an Index Number.
  4. If either level 1 or final approval offices do not take action within 2 hours of the order being placed, they will receive another email prompt from the UITS.
  5. For orders > $5,000, a second ticket will be created when the Final approval is completed. This ticket should remain active until the order is received and delivered to the customer. 
  6. Every item listed in the UITS or on the "Other Standard Technology" article (Apple, HP Printer, Adobe, etc.) comprises all approved standard technology items. If anyone has a need for an item NOT found on these sites, submit a regular Hardware Purchase request in TDX for approval.
  7. Managed items that have been opened, configured by Depot, and delivered to customer are considered used and cannot be returned.
  8. ITS-Procurement will contact OETC to initiate returns when the Return Item workflow is attached to a ticket. OETC facilitates with their vendors to provide guidance to ITS-Procurement on how to return items and how the customer is credited.
  9. Submit any issues involving using the UITS HERE. provide as much detail as possible. As items are resolved, they will be identified as such with the resolution posted.
  10. For Returns, items with the packaging damaged must be refused by Campus Mail. Brian Cox is coordinating this and other details with them. If an item is found damaged, missing parts, or DOA, pictures of the damage and the serial numbers must be captured and included in the ticket sent to ITS-Procurement.


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