Security Announcement: Email Previously Filtered to “Clutter” Delivered to User Inboxes

Some users received extra, unusual and misplaced email messages between Tuesday 4:30 PM July 9 and noon on Wednesday, July 10. Messages previously filtered to “Clutter” were delivered directly into user inboxes for a few hours as a result of implementation of the new advanced email security service last night. This was a known potential outcome but the severity for some users was not anticipated. The issue was resolved with a change implemented and approved by ITS Security around noon today.

This new service has many other filtering improvements that happen behind the scenes and will require some continued tuning. The new operation is set to something close to the functionality prior to the new implementation last night. If, after noon today, you notice a significant number of messages delivered to your Inbox that were previously sent to your Clutter folder, please report the issue at using the  Submit an Incident button.

More than 90 percent of targeted attacks start with email and these security threats are always evolving. Contact your local IT support staff or visit the support article or go to to find information or support.


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Wed 7/10/19 3:58 PM
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