How do I safelist an email in Proofpoint?


If you know a particular email sender is trustworthy, you can add the address to your personal Safe Senders List to improve delivery.

Step 1:

Open a browser and navigate to Sign in with your NetID if prompted for credentials. Click the waffle icon in the upper left.

O365 OWA homepage


Step 2:

In the menu that appears click "More Apps".

Office 365 waffle menu


Step 3:

Type "quarantine" in the search box and click the Quarantine application.

Searching for quarantine


Step 4:

The quarantine app appears. Click Lists in the lower left corner.

Navigating to personal Lists


Step 5:

Click "Safe Senders List" on the left hand side and click "New".

Navigating to Lists


Step 6:

Enter the email address you want to mark as a Safe Sender and click "Save".

Entering a safe sender address




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