How do I safelist an email in Proofpoint?


If you know a particular email sender is trustworthy, you can add the address to your personal Safe Senders List in the Proofpoint Quarantine to improve delivery. The Quarantine is available through the top left Microsoft App Launcher or directly through



Step 1:

Open a browser and navigate to Sign in with your username if prompted for credentials. Click the App Launcher "waffle" icon in the upper left.

O365 OWA homepage


Step 2:

In the menu that appears click "More Apps".

Office 365 waffle menu


Step 3:

Type "quarantine" in the search box and click the Quarantine application.

Searching for quarantine


Step 4:

The quarantine app appears. Click Lists in the lower left corner.

Navigating to personal Lists


Step 5:

Click "Safe Senders List" on the left hand side and click "New".

Navigating to Lists


Step 6:

Enter the email address you want to mark as a Safe Sender and click "Save".

Entering a safe sender address




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