How to DJ in KUOI

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This article will review the DJ training that all DJs must go through, go over some troubleshooting for common issues, and answer frequently asked questions DJs run into in the studio.

  1. DJ Training Overview
  2. Troubleshooting & FAQ
    1. MegaSeg is Dead!
    2. The transmitter has funny text!
    3. I can't see the transmitter page!
    4. The power went out!
    5. How do I take calls?
    6. Something else went wrong?

Student Affairs Technicians

DJ Training Overview

The below is a quick reminder guide on DJing at KUOI.

Before you begin your show:

  • Have all physical copies of your music prepared before your scheduled show time. This includes pulling the PSAs and Holy Promos CDs so you're prepared to play them.
  • If the computer is logged out, login as kuoidj. The password is posted on the monitor.
  • If VNC is not logged in (i.e. you can't see MegaSeg) open VNC Viewer from the taskbar and open Master Control from the list.
  • You MUST sign in on the digital DJ log form here. You can also sign in on the paper log-in if you want.
  • Get laminated DJ book but do not remove sheets. Check what items you need to play during your show and when.
  • Before you begin your show log in to Spinitron and prepare to log your playlist. We recommend doing an on-air playlist since you must accurately log the time each song was played.
  • If you want to record your show, follow the instructions here.
  • Now you're ready to begin your show. Have CDs/records ready and in the proper trays. Wait until the MegaSeg (aka the Robot) is finished playing the current song and then press pause. Pull the Robot slider down on the board and push up the slider that corresponds with the tray that you intend to play. Press play for the corresponding CD tray or start on the turntable.

During your show:

  • Pay close attention to the timing of your song and be sure to begin the next song at the appropriate time.
  • Do NOT press any of the buttons on the right side of the board. You may use the Cue function to cue up records.
  • Don’t forget to say or play a Station ID as close to the top of the hour as possible. The official station ID is “KUOI 89.3 FM Moscow” or “KUOI Moscow 89.3 FM.” Note that you must spell out K-U-O-I and include both KUOI and Moscow.
  • Don't forget to play PSAs/Holy promos/Radio Billboard/and read the weather. Follow the times in the DJ book as closely as possible. Don't stop a song to get right on the mark for these. They can be slightly before or past the time listed.
  • When your show is finished, be sure to fade back into the MegaSeg. The easiest way to do this is to press play on MegaSeg and fade back in using the slider. Make sure all of the CD and turntable sliders are down and off when you do this. In MegaSeg itself, make sure the Events and Rules buttons are turned on (they'll be blue if on).

After your show:

  1. Put away all music and put the DJ book on the windowsill.
  2. Log out of your Spinitron account and submit your digital DJ log. Once submitted it'll reload a clean form for the next DJ.
  3. Follow all posted cleaning instructions before you leave.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

This section is a list of common problems that occur in KUOI and how to resolve them.

MegaSeg is Dead!

MegaSeg (aka the program that runs the Robot) is sometimes a picky piece of software and will crash for no apparent reason. If it has crashed, it is very likely monitoring software has already notified the Student Affairs Technicians. While you wait for the Technician to arrive there are a few things you can do.

  • You might be able to force quit MegaSeg by clicking the Apple menu and choosing Force Quit. You should then be able to reopen it and it will default to the currently scheduled playlist.
  • If you can't get to Master Control itself, you will need to reset it. This requires server room access so you'll want to do the following:
    1. Notify the Station Manager
    2. Notify the Student Affairs Technician at 208.885.2229. Leave a voicemail if there is no answer.

The transmitter has funny text!

You are likely looking at the transmitter's webpage from the RaspberryPi and not the MacMini. A font is missing in the OS on the Pi so you must VNC to Master Control to view the transmitter's webpage.

I can't see the transmitter page!

If you were a DJ before 2018, you had to regularly take transmitter readings. But you don’t have to worry about that now! The process is automated, just be sure to use the digital log-in form.

The power went out!

Power backups can only keep the transmitter running for a few minutes. Fade out your song and state:

You are listening to KUOI 89.3 FM Moscow. Due to a power outage we will be signing off the air.

Turn the RF off on the transmitter and report the situation to the Station Manager.

How do I take calls?

The KUOI Request line is 208.885.6392. Calls to this number will come in on the desk phone sitting in the station. To put them on air do the following:

  1. Ask the caller to hold and press the conference button (group of three people button on the bottom right side of the phone). The caller will hear on hold music.
  2. On the desk phone, type 56393 for Line 1 (fader 13) and 51066 for Line 2 (fader 14).
  3. In the left rack, flip the switch on the control station for the appropriate line. A red light will turn on on the station when it has answered the call. At this point the caller still hears hold music.
  4. Press the conference button again on the phone. The caller now can hear you and you them again.
  5. Press Cue on the fader to test the board can hear you and the caller. Note that you are not using the mic, you must continue using the handset.
  6. Once ready, press on for your fader and bring it up. You and the caller are now on air.
  7. When you're ready to end the call fade the fader out, hang up the call, and flip the switch on the control station. This order is important to properly close the call out for the caller.

Something else went wrong?

Call the Student Affairs Technician at 208.885.2229. If they don't answer leave a message, they should get back to you shortly. You can also use the Student Affairs Technicians button above in this article to email them.

If you can’t get ahold of the Student Affairs Technician and aren’t sure what to do, contact the station manager or Student Media adviser (Tara Roberts, 208.885.2220 or 208.310.0420).


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