How to renew a TLS certificate

Renewing a TLS certificate

TLS certificates are used to protect communication between a website and clients visiting the website. ITS provides TLS certificates at no cost for U of I websites and web accessible resources.

To renew a TLS certificate, submit a service request by visiting and select "Request Service" on the right hand side, or use the following link:

Request TLS Certificate Renewal

When submitting your request, please provide the following details:

  • The address of the website (for example, "") or the certificate serial number.
  • The number of years the certificate should be valid for (1 or 2 years).
  • Website owner or contact, if different than the requester.

If this certificate is being installed on a new server, or after a change in server administrators, it is recommended to generate a new private key and instead request a new certificate.

If you are unsure about any of the above items please let us know in the request and we will provide assistance with determining the information.



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