AD 132 Conference Room

Conference Room AD 132

Conference Phone

The conference phone is a Cisco Universal Conference Phone (CP-8831) with two Bluetooth microphones as pictured below:

C78-726887-01_Figure 1

To use this system do as follows:

1.       Type in the desired phone number (5XXX or 8(XXX) XXX-XXX for outbound calls off campus)

2.       Press the dial button.

3.       Grab your Bluetooth microphones and place them on the conferencing table in your desired position.

4.       Make sure that the LED on the microphone is blinking green.

You should now be connected to the conference call!



Conference Computer System

This system is to be used for either Skype calls or Zoom meetings. We are using a Logitech conferencing solution in this room and is pictured below:

Image result for logitech conference camera and speaker

We also have a computer mounted to the back of the TV. To use this system do as follows:

1.       Turn on the TV.

2.       Select Conference Comp input.

3.       Make sure the computer is turned on (either by checking the computer itself or pressing Alt+P on the wireless keyboard).

4.       Log in with your Net ID and Password given to you by the university.

5.       Make sure the USB plug from the above conferencing system is connected to the computer.

6.       Move the microphone unit (the big one) to the conference table.

7.       Grab the remote from the system.

8.       Launch the Zoom or Skype applications.

9.       Enter in Meeting ID.

10.   Select the green button to allow for Zoom (it is an OK button for Skype) to use the external microphone and camera.

11.   Use the remote to adjust camera to desired position.

12.   Continue with your virtual meeting.

If you have any issues contact your region tsp or ETC.



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