Banner 9 FAQ's

How do I get to banner 9?

You can access Banner 9 by this URL:  You will be asked to log in to the site to see the Banner options.  

Why are we upgrading to Banner 9?

Vendor support for Banner 8 (our current version of Banner) will be terminated at the end of the 2018 calendar year.  This mean all schools, University of Idaho included, must move to Banner 9.

Who is impacted by the upcoming changes?

The upgrade in October 2018 affects only users of administrative Banner (aka Banner INB).

Does the change impact VandalWeb?

Not as part of the changes coming in October 2018.  VandalWeb will be upgraded in phases through calendar year 2019.

What functionality will be lost in Banner 9?

None. All features of Banner 8 are included in Banner 9 Admin Pages.  A caveat to this statement is that we are no longer supporting department customizations, so some internal process may be somewhat different.  Contact your departmental module leader or Banner trainer for details.

How can I access Banner 9 Admin Pages?

The link to production Banner 9 won’t be published roll-out on October 1, 2018.  However, we have a test environment available for users to familiarize themselves with Banner 9 Admin Pages at:

What browser should I use?

Any modern browser can be used for Banner 9 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc).  Make sure you are using the latest version available for best results.

NOTE: Ironically, Internet Explorer (the required browser for Banner 8) does not handle Banner 9 very well. If you are a PC user, you may want to try Microsoft Edge instead.

Is anything else required to access Banner 9 Admin Pages?

No.  Client-side Java and other plug-ins are not required for Banner 9.

NOTE: Java is required as long as you are still using Banner 8.

Will Banner 9 work on mobile devices?

Yes!  Banner 9 works well on large-screen mobile devices like tablets and iPads.  

NOTE:  Although Banner 9 is accessible from a phone, the user experience is not ideal. 

How do I log in to Banner 9 Admin Pages?

Single Sign-On and Two-step verification (Duo) is enabled for Banner 9.  You will log in using your U of I network credentials.

How do I set-up Duo for Banner 9 Admin Pages?

Assuming you already using Duo for other application logins, there is nothing else you need to do.  If you are not registered for Duo already, contact your area’s TSP for assistance.

Does Banner 9 work like Banner 8?

The basic architecture does not change between Banner 8 and Banner 9.  You’ll find that, for the most part, differences are mostly in appearance and navigation.  We strongly recommend logging into our test environment and acquainting yourself with forms you use most often.  We also recommend viewing the short navigation video that describes the common differences between Banner 8 and Banner 9.

There may also be some functional differences in specific forms.  This may be a result of vendor design changes or our decision to no longer support local modifications to the Banner application.  Contact your departmental module leader or Banner 9 trainer for details on any functional changes in your area.

Can the Banner 9 color scheme be changed?

Ellucian (Banner’s parent company) has stated the following as of 8/16/17: “Individual users cannot choose a personal color in the Banner 9 applications at this time. Personal color (theme) choices is on the backlog, but not yet scheduled for a particular release.”

Can I increase Banner 9 Admin Page contrast?

For users who would like higher contrast for the blue/gray colors on the Banner 9 Admin Pages in the Chrome browser:  add the "High Contrast" extension from Google Accessibility from the Chrome Web Store.  Click “Add to Chrome”, then click “Add extension”.  There is no need to “Sign In” on the next pop-up.  There will be a “half moon” icon at the top right in your Chrome browser to click to select the settings.  Select “Normal” and set that as the default scheme, then open Banner 9 and set the color scheme for that page.  The "Increased Contrast" setting works pretty well. 

Are there visual differences between the pre-production (PPRD) and production (PROD) Banner 9 environments?

The main difference between PPRD and PROD is the background of the main page in the application (referred to as Application Navigator).  In pre-production, the background is a solid gold color.  In production, the background is an image of the U of I administration building.

What other differences might I encounter in Banner 9?

  1. An “admin page” or “page” is the new name for a Banner “form”.
  2. The keyboard shortcut keys have changed!  Refer to the Banner 9 Keyboard shortcuts PDF.
  3. Use the “X” button or “CTRL+Q” to exit a page, or there might be old key block data filled in when returning to that page.
  4. Tools-Print or CTRL+P:  Printing a screenshot of a wide or long Admin Page
    • This doesn’t always print the whole page.  The vendor is working on this. 
    • One workaround is to first manually re-order and/or re-size the desired columns into the print area.  The changes will persist within that login session.
    • Printer properties can be set to either landscape or portrait.
  5. Date data entry
    • In Banner 9, these date shortcuts work:
      090518 - converts to 09/05/2018
      09052018 - converts to 09/05/2018
      9/5/18 - converts to 09/02/2018
      Enter any single letter, like “T” - converts to today’s date
    • In Banner 9, these date shortcuts do not work:
      Enter 0922 - fails to convert.  Banner 8 automatically re-formatted the "shortcut" date of "0922" to "22-SEP-2018".  
    • In Banner 9, this shortcut is not allowed.
      Enter SYSDATE - fails to convert.
  6. Recently Opened Menu
    • Using this menu may cause focus loss, which prevents ability to type anything in the next page’s key block.  If focus does not correctly move to the Admin page key block, click inside the Application Navigator Dashboard, then click inside the Admin page key block and cursor should appear in key block.
  7. “Extract Data No Key” is now “Tools – Export”.
    • To use this feature on pages where it is enabled, first go to page GUAUPRF and set the Directory Options tab - Data extract format (the 2nd item) - User Value to “FILE”. 
    • Note that this value needs to be set back to “WEBUTIL” to save output from GJIREVO.
  8. Admin Pages with an ID field in the key block
    • The hint to: "Get Started: Complete the fields above and click Go. To search by name, press TAB from an ID field, enter your search criteria, and then press ENTER." works as long as the ID field is initially blank and not filled in with the last V number used on another page.
  9. Query-only indicator not at the top of the page
    • There is no visible "query-only" access indicator on Banner 9 Admin Pages, like the [Q] at the top of Banner 8 forms.  The vendor is working on this.  However, if a user tries to save edits to a query-only admin page, they will get a message: "*ERROR* You are running with a query only role, this function is not allowed."
  10. GUAMESG - Jobs completed messages
    • Completed jobs are logged on the GUAMESG page as in Banner 8, but there is no green checkmark indicator on the Banner 9 home page when a new message exists on GUAMESG.
  11. Broadcast Messages
    • Informational messages that were sometimes posted on the home page in Banner 8 are not yet available in Banner 9.
  12. Terms of Usage page
    • This page doesn’t show up until after the user types in the name of the first Admin Page they want to go to.  This is different from Banner 8 where this page appeared upon login.

Where can I access further information on the Banner 9 implementation?

We have created a project webpage that includes current news about the implementation and links to helpful documents that further explain the differences in Banner 9.  The webpage can be accessed at:

Banner 9 Admin Pages Implementation Project Website.

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